Overseas Organizations


All trustees have ancestral links in this area and already have trustworthy contacts who help to achieve the above objectives. There are numerous charitable organisations doing similar work in India but what makes BEHT special is that the trustees personally visit the area regularly – generally at least once a year. They have a very close working relationship with the local people who do all the work. They monitor each project in terms of finance, physical inspection and completing it successfully and then monitoring its on-going progress.
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Mukti Trust UK

Mukti Trust is a British charity dedicated to helping orphaned, destitute and under privileged girls up to the age of 22.

Every child has potential and deserves the best possible start in life. Acute poverty deprives children of education and a better quality of life. Girls in rural areas in developing countries are often the most affected. Their lack of education means they have very little opportunity to learn skills which could potentially help open gateways in life. We believe that with the right nurturing and stimulating environment, these girls can be given an opportunity to have a better start in life, and a chance to overcome prejudice and break the poverty cycle.
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Inner Joy Foundation UK

We first visited Junagadh, Gujarat, India in 2004, where we became inspired by the work being undertaken by Shree Muktanandji Bapu. We were impressed by the efficiency with which numerous large projects were being run, that we felt we wanted to become more involved. We began supporting the projects through BEHT (Reg. Charity No.: 1072109, a UK based charity), and took part in events and volunteered our services. We then also began to arrange fund raising and awareness building events ourselves.
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