Help the Animal Trust (HTAT) was established
in 1999 with the registration No. E/4257 with
the following objectives:

  • To protect and conserve animals and birds
  • To establish and manage Gaushalas and Panjrapols
  • To establish grazing land for cattle
  • To improve the breed of the cattle
  • To provide medical care to sick, elderly, injured animals
  • To provide relief in accidents and natural disasters to needy animals

The Trustees of HTAT are:

Mahant Muktanand Bapu guru Shri Bhagavatinand Bapu – Managing Trustee
A revolutionary saint of Saurashtra who works tirelessly to uplift the society through education and social reforms.

Mahant Gopalanandji Bapu gurushri Premanand Bapu (Dadaji)
President of Panch Agni Akhada. Constantly working for social, religious and national unity and reform.

Shri Ajay bhai Gudka
He is passionate about helping the disadvantaged and works tirelessly towards this end.

Arjunsingh Samblasinghbapu Rathod
Arjunsingh has spent all his life in the police force rising to the rank of Police Sub inspector to Deputy Superintendent of Police. He has always been interested in the welfare of cows.


The HTAT has built Gaushalas (cowshed) to preserve and breed the ‘Gir’ species of cow and also to provide milk to two thousand students studying at Brahmanand. Vedic culture considers the cow as the mother of mothers since it has the ability to feed, provide and support humanity in so many ways. Hence the cow has been revered as sacred, to be protected and preserved. Essentially this is a depiction of the necessity to preserve what helps you support yourselves. The cow has remained the basis of India’s development in the nascent stages of one’s life that is by provision of milk for food, manure through cow-dung for agricultural purposes, after it’s death for leather for footwear and other uses and its bones for chemical uses. The ‘Gaumootra’ (liquid effuse) and ‘Gaumay’ (solid effuse) have medicinal uses in Ayurveda and also to carry out sacred rituals.

The Gaushala has been developed in a lush green environment surrounded by large trees and currently houses over 300 cows.The Gaushala is made up of six sheds. It even has an administrative office to monitor the consumption of fodder, production of milk and to carry out regular medical check-ups. The ‘Gualas’ (workers) assigned with the task of caring for cows have been provided with quarters in the Gaushala itself with all the amenities to support them. All the cows are treated with great love and care.

Contact address:

Brahmanand Vidya Dham,
Junagadh Visavadar Highway,
Taluka Visavadar,
District Junagadh,
Pin Code 362 120,
Gujarat – India.