History About BET

BET was established in 1989. Pujya Muktanandji’s wish was to uplift the society through selfless work. In the early 1990’s, Gijubhai Bharad, an eminent educationalist came in contact with Pujya Muktanandji. The seeds were sown for establishing an educational institute in Chaparda. Gijubhai believed and accepted Bapu’s vision and agreed that he will give his time and energy selflessly. Ajaybhai Gudka came in contact with Pujya Muktanandji in 1995 and shared his vision about education. He was told that he should serve the society via Nishkam karma. Ajaybhai established Bhagvatinandji Education & Health Trust (BEHT) in UK in 1998 and started to raise funds for the Education project.

First, it was agreed that a boarding house for 200 children should be built in Chaparda for disadvantaged children who can be transported to Junagadh City for education. Whilst this project was being built, Dadaji suggested that it would be better to build a school next to it and educate the children on site. Once the boarding house was built, the school project started with the aim of starting in June 2001.

Then the Gujarat Earthquake happened in January 2001. Pujya Muktanandji with the aid of volunteers went to Kutchh to help in the relief work. Adhoi in Bachauch district was selected and a camp was set up in the local school ground which was totally devastated. Many children were orphaned and it was then decided that these children should be brought to Chaparda where they would be boarded and educated in the new school. The boarding house and the school started as planned with 200 children. To establish a new educational institute in a remote area of Junagadh was a huge challenge but through sheer hard work and determination of the Brahmanand team the educational institute gained respectable reputation. Soon the demand grew for more places and more boarding houses were built and a new school had to be built. By 2011, the primary and secondary school has almost 2000 children.

In Adhoi, Kutchh, a new school was also built by June 2002 to accommodate 750 children who were to be educated free of charge.

In 2008, Brahmanand Institute of teachers training college started with 98 students and Brahmanand Vidya Mandir Blind school with 16 students and in 2009, Brahmanand Institute of Computer Science and Brahmanand Institute of Management started with about 50 students each. Shree Brahmanandji Yog Mahavidylay started in 2011 for training Yoga teachers.