Our next generation gets complete human and natural environment, experience, exposure and education so that they could fulfill and express their complete potential of hand, head and heart for personal, social, global and natural harmonious development.


EDUWORD GLOBAL SCHOOL is committed to provide environment, exposure, experience to educate children.

We find many examples of well developed education system in ancient Indian history, when Krishna and Balram went to sage Sandipani in Ujjaini to gain education of scriptures and arms at that time sage Sandipani told them that complete education has four stages 1.Diksha (initiation/admission) 2.Sangrah (collection) 3.Siddhi (accomplishment) 4.Prayog (application).

First two stages are admission and memorization where there is hardly any contribution by students but this knowledge is used to acquire final emancipation by ‘sadhna’( discipline for the attainment).

The last and most important stage is ‘prayog’ which is penance oriented, the student who has skilled adds his experience and expression to implement.

‘siddhi’ and ‘prayog’ are the stages of discovery while ‘diksha’ and ‘sangrah’ are imitative, though one gets highly skilled and knowledgeable by sangrah, while ‘siddhi’ and ‘prayog’ are purport.

In EDUWORD GLOBAL SCHOOL we use modern technology to prepare world class work force, today information is at our fingertips still we need language and mathematical skills to use it in everyday life.
Now a days we do prepare scholars but for holistic human development students have to go through all four stages and it has to start at very young age We provide green positive environment for unification with natur.

Our School Pamphlet (GUJARATI)