BVM Yoga Kendra

This school is run with the help of Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval, Gujarat.
The school started in 2011 with 2 courses. A certificate course of 6 months comprises of 90 hours of course work – both theoretical and practical. This is run every Sunday for 2 hours for residential students and every fortnightly for 8 hours for non- resident students.
There is also a diploma course of 12 months run on a similar basis but with 107 hours of course work.
New degree courses and residential short courses will start in June 2012.
The course is run by Dr. Sadhnanandji Guruji Shree Muktanandji Bapu who qualified with a M.A. Ph.D (Yoga Vedant) after 11 years of studying. Dr. Sadhnanandji has written his first book ‘Yog Sadhana’.

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