About BET

Bhagvatinandji Education Trust (BET) was established in 1989 with the registration No. E1809 with the following objectives:

  • The advancement of education shall be carried out non politically without the discrimination of cast, creed, religion or sex to needy students
  • To provide relief in accidents and natural calamities such as drought, flood, natural disasters
  • To provide medical activities and organize treatment camps for the needy

The Trustees of BET are:

Mahant Muktanand Bapu guru Shri Bhagavatinand Bapu – Managing Trustee
A revolutionary saint of Saurashtra who works tirelessly to uplift the society through education and social reforms.

Mahant Gopalanandji Bapu gurushri Premanand Bapu (Dadaji)
President of Panch Agni Akhada. Constantly working for social, religious and national unity and reform.

Shri Gijubhai Bharad M.Sc in Physics, M.Sc in Maths
Gijubhai has devoted his whole life to the service of Education. He is an awardee of the prestigious President award by Shri Abdul Kalam for his selfless unmatched services in the field of science and for building a better society. He is an adviser to Gujarat Government Education Board.

Shri Ajay bhai Gudka
He is passionate about helping the disadvantaged and works tirelessly towards this end.



BET was established in 1989. Pujya Muktanandji’s wish was to uplift the society through selfless work. In the early 1990’s, Gijubhai Bharad, an eminent educationalist came in contact with Pujya Muktanandji. The seeds were sown for establishing an educational institute in Chaparda.Read more…